5 Benefits of Golf Lessons for Beginners


I’d always dreamed of joining my friends and family on the golf course, but I had no idea how to begin learning the game. I knew the basics, you want to hit a small ball into a small hole that is far away, but besides that I was clueless. If you’re like me and want to get on the links but have no clue to start, try taking a golf lesson.


#1 Become Familiar with Your Equipment

Taking golf lessons will give you the opportunity to learn more about your equipment. You’ll get to know which club to use in different situations, like when to use a driver versus a putter and what a hybrid is used for. This will allow you to improve your game while getting the most out of your equipment.

#2 Learn the Technical Stuff

If you are unfamiliar with the rules of golf, attending a lesson will help you answer the questions you have. Learn how to keep score, how long an average game of golf will take, the different types and parts of golf courses and what to do if your ball gets stuck in a tree or you can’t find it.


Check out this NY Times Article about getting the most out of your golf lessons: “A Lesson About Lessons

#3 Improve Your Technique

If you are looking to improve your game quickly, golf lessons are the way to go. If you take lessons, you’ll be taught the proper technique. Learning the proper technique is important; because it is often more difficult to retrain yourself once you’ve continued doing it the incorrect way.

Golf lessons will teach the proper way to grip a club, what a good stance entails, how to swing correctly, and more. The technique is one of the most valuable things a golf lesson can teach you and will help you improve your game quickly. It will also allow you to correct errors before they become habitual so that you don’t have to relearn further down the line.

If you would like more information, check out this article published by the PGA, “How to Choose a Golf Instructor.”

#4 Get to Know Golf Etiquette

Taking golf lessons can be a good way for you to learn golf etiquette. Your coach can teach you about the dress code, where you’re allowed to walk or drive on the course, or the meaning of a tee time.

Furthermore, it is important to learn how to keep yourself and others safe while you're playing around. Keeping a good pace is essential, especially if it is a busy day on the course. Try to follow the pace of the group in front of you. Make sure that you are ready to hit the ball as quickly as possible when it is your turn. Also, don't spend too much time looking for lost balls or staying on the green after you've taken your shot.

Check out the PGA’s “Golf for Beginners: Golf Etiquette, Rules, and Glossary” for more information on golf etiquette

#5 Gain a Mentor

Taking lessons means that you have someone that can give you individualized attention. Your golfing instructor will not only help you learn during your scheduled lessons but could also be a valuable resource and mentor even after you have finished your lessons.

Whether or not you stay in touch with your instructor, they can provide you with other contacts or resources, like suggesting a good course or telling you the best time of the day for a tee time. Make sure to take advantage of all of your instructor’s knowledge to get the most value out of your lessons.


Did you enjoy this article? Hopefully, it gave you a reason to think further about taking golf lessons. Taking lessons as a beginner really helped me become comfortable with the game. Not only did I learn about the contents of my golf club set, the rules of the game and proper technique, I also learned to love the game.

Moreover, my instructor has become a valuable resource as I continue to play and refine my game. Share this article if you found it helpful and let me know what you think about golf lessons for beginners by commenting below.



Hi! I’m Patricia B. Domingo. I teach during the school year so that I can hit the links all summer long. My father put a golf club in my hand as soon as I could make a fist, and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since. I’m happy to share my knowledge of golf with you here

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