7 Fundamentals Steps for Better Golf Chipping

7 Fundamentals Steps for Better Golf Chipping

Golf chipping is not usually common for golfers who hit every single green frequently. However, for those who often miss the green often, a chip shot is a necessary tool to helping you hit the green inappropriate time.

Everybody loves to hit a long drive but with chipping, you can save the worse. A chip shot is usually striking when you are around 20 yards or nearer to the pin. Fortunately, training on chip shots can be done anywhere with a limited space, just a space of between 10-20 yard is required for the training.

The fact is that even the pro golf players fail to hit the green. But if you have excellent chipping skills, it is possible to save your par. This means that mastering and understanding these golf chipping tips will help you a lot.

Some excellent golf chipping drills and tips are enumerated and explained below for you to master so as to improve your golf chipping skills.

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1. Setting the ball at the best attack angle

Setting the ball at the best attack angle

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This is one of the essential aspects of Golf chipping. Setting the ball at the most appropriate angle of attack will determine how accurate your hit will be and whether you are going to hit the green or miss. What you need to avoid necessarily is setting the ball too far from you and making a too much powerful hit. This will eventually cause a very hard contact with the ball which can make it judge where the ball is going.

2. The techniques needed to hit the ball

The techniques needed to hit the ball

To make a perfect chip every time you need to develop a suitable technique for yourself. The reason is for you to be able to make a dependable hit every time you need to chip. You are looking for a nice length of stroke back and through. For you to get a reliable shot, your legs need to have a lot of bends to be able to move your weight through impact. This can guide you to getting a necessary hit on the ball. However, the most important thing is having a great technique that is most suitable for you.

3. Use your hand for chipping to get a great result


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To get an excellent result you need to use your hand and let them do the job. Using your hands is very crucial for making a great shot because it allows the club to move up and comes down with a very hard strike on the ball. Making a great hit depends on how you use your wrist to hinge the club up on the backswing and releases it back on the ball.

4. Keeping your head up gives a nice chipping shot

Keeping your head up gives a nice chipping shot

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Keeping your head down is not a good idea when you want to chip, This is because if your head is stuffed to your chest it makes your upper body lose the ability to rotate and causes your hand to do all the work.

To prevent this from happening to keep your head straight and your neck Upright with your spinal cord is the best. However, keeping your head up don't means keeping your eyes away from the ball.

5. Selecting the right club gives an accurate chip

Make use of the right club when chipping. For a better chipping, you can use an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a Sand wedge. The 8-iron and the pitching wedge can be used for chipping except that the pitching wedge is more appropriate on deep grass.

6. Making a very nice swing adjustment when chipping

Making a very nice swing adjustment when chipping

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Adjusting your movement is determined when there is an obstacle between you and the green. One of the main adjustments you may need to make is making the ball go higher on command. This is so important because if there is any obstacle between you and the green as already said above it will be easy to bypass it.

7. Master the three compulsory styles

Listed below are the three main fundamentals to improve your chipping skills. As long as you train and master these 3 tips it will be easier to make a chip shot that will accurately reach the green and generate more points for you. The three main points are explained below:

Master the three compulsory styles

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  • Make a tight backswing - This means moving the club backward appropriately to hit the ball. Moving the club too far might cause a heavy strike on the ball which will make the ball swing beyond the target. To avoid this, you need to make an accurate backswing hitting the ball as short as possible it hit the green.
  • Maintaining a flat left wrist position - This means that when you play a chip shot, your left wrist needs to maintain a flat position. This will allow you to have a beautiful control over the club and help to send the ball on it way accurately towards the target. Making your wrist flat through the hitting area needs a lot of discipline and self-control. This is one of the main areas that need a lot of practice in order to be mastered.
  • Leaning left – This is the most important tip needed when you need to play a more accurate shot. It is so necessary that your weight is slightly leaning towards your left foot because you need to set a downward angle on the ball so as to hit a quality chip shot.

The three fundamentals are part of the tips you need to master in order to make a nice golf chip shot.


Finally, the tips given above are practical guidelines to follow; the more you practice and master the tips the more your golf chipping skills will increase. Golf chipping is so important in every game you play, and as already mentioned above it should not be overlooked.

When you follow the tips above and you dedicate your time to mastering it, I ensure you that you will never be disappointed with the result that you will get afterward. The most interesting part is that learning golf chipping skills can be done in your backyard.



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