9 Reasons How Learning to Play Golf Empowers Women and Girls

“This is a man’s world.” sang James Brown in 1966., but also added that
“But it would be nothing, nothing
Without a woman or a girl.”

This can be said for the world of golf. For many years, golf was considered as that kind of sport where grown-up men are smoking pipes and saying, “Remarkably well done ol’ chap!”. But, luckily, women came to the rescue.

There are women who are playing golf without any problems. Moreover, golf can and will benefit you in a longer run, so here are the main 9 reasons on why you should start right away. Ladies, pay attention.

1. Mental alertness

The rules of golf are quite simple. The point is to put the ball into the hole with as less possible tries. Although it seems like an easy task, you will find it very difficult.

The main problem is that you must take into consideration the weight of the club, the distance which must be asserted as close as possible, and the speed of the wind and so on. Although this comes with the experience, the process of acquiring these senses also brings mental alertness.

Paying attention to everything around you makes you sharper, more cunning and able to follow several things simultaneously. However, you will not be aware of these changes.

You will not awake one morning and say “Hey, I’ve become sharp!” Those are coming from our subconscious, and are manifested as improvements. Nevertheless, you will notice them after a while.

According to scientific studies, a mind which is able to focus properly is a happy mind. Our conscious is what differs us from animals, but it also gives us unnecessary worries if we think about problems for too long. Golf help you to overcome this.

By focusing on the ball, the swing and the hit, you are “switching off” everything else. In time, you will be able to focus better and faster, making you much happier overall.

2. Making friends

Whether that be old friendships, or aiming at acquiring new ones, sports, in general, are an excellent way to spend time with other people. The significance of friendships is of high value with every activity because people are sharing a common interest, and that is a nice way to start and maintain a conversation.

Because golf is something you take in your free time, or during weekends, it is more likely that you and your new friend will build up a friendship on more quality foundations, thus making it last longer.

On the other hand, you should take care, because it may happen that people have only one common subject to talk about, making friendships pleasant, but short, or rather limited to the field. If this occurs, do not worry. There are still people which you can meet and acquaint.

3. Great overall physical condition

People might think that playing golf is walk in the park, literally. Although it does not require high-level performance like weight-lifting or football, the average game takes quite some time, and the distance covered by walking might go up to seven miles, so picking good golf shoes is essential.

Of course, if you are using golf kart, the distance will be drastically lower. Therefore I tend to avoid those. I love a good walk, and improved physical shape came like a nice bonus to me. Also, the results will not be so obvious and something to brag about, but it will keep you healthy and fit.

More than just physical appearance, movement has a ton of health benefits, such as reduction of risk of stroke and heart attack, both of which are among the most common conditions nowadays.

4. Improving determination

At the moment when it seems that you will give up, at that point the change begins. This statement can be completely be said about golf. Girls who play this sport tend to have higher level of determination, due to the fact that giving up in golf is simply not an option.

Not every time all things go the right way. A careless added spin, a tad stronger wind, and you are at the brink of being defeated. If you fail to endure in this situation now, the best advice is just to keep playing. In time, you will gain a higher level of determination to succeed.

These benefits are great for real life situations, but the moment when they shine is in your career. Staying resolute and determined is of utmost importance in the business world, because sometimes high waves will rock your boat, and if you steel yourself, you will succeed at the end.

5. Developing strong work ethics

According to several studies, the most successful women in business today are known for their strong affiliation to sports. Team spirit is built during every game, but since golf is not so team-oriented, you can benefit in other ways.

Responsibility to take that hit and bear the consequences of the result are teaching you that in the business world, there will be similar situations.

Among other characteristics, the sense of responsibility is one of the key factors of becoming a great leader. In case that you feel the lack of such attribute, try going a few rounds of golf, and see what will happen.

6. Stress And Anxiety Reduction

Golf is very calming experience and can lead to significant changes in how you deal with stress and anxiety. Going away from everyday stress and turning off your cellphone for a golf session will impact your mindset and set you off to a peaceful, concentrated path.

There are numerous reasons spending time out in nature will help you fight stress, and concentrating on golf will ensure you’re not thinking about problems.

Furthermore, the physical activity in nature enriches the endorphin and serotonin, hormones in the body responsible for happiness and overall well-being. Subconsciously you’ll affect your happiness and create a stimulating habit that will make you feel less stress in the long run.

7. Golf Teaches You to Manage Your Emotions

The game of golf is quite rewarding for the calm and focused people. Golf builds strong willpower and teaches you to calm yourself down even if you’ve missed the hole by a small straw.

The concentration it takes provides quite the change in our overall behavior and the way we handle our emotions. It’s easy to burst in anger if you’ve missed the hole, but you have to remember that your competition is watching you, and you can’t show you’re upset for missing a hole. Only the most concentrated players win the course.

8. Playing Golf Develops a Healthy Habit

The modern way of life is making people obese, weak, and develops illnesses. Obesity is one of the most spread diseases around the world, and getting off the couch is sometimes very difficult, especially if you’re shy, or are afraid you won’t be able to compete.

Golf isn’t demanding as working out or getting into some other sport, but it requires you to move and carry a bag with equipment, which can be quite the workout. Next, if done right, swinging the bat activates the entire body and works your stabilization muscles the most, which will help you with back pain.

9. Golf Builds Confidence

Playing any sport and winning is an experience that builds confidence significantly. Imagine this from a girl’s point of view: if you practice enough, you can beat anyone literally.

That includes all guys from your work, your husband, your brother, or anyone you can think of. Winning in golf empowers women and gives them the ability to win over men with ease of mind, precision, and power.

When you perfect your swing and utilize it to score the most points on every hole, you can become an unstoppable force on the golf course.


As you can see from today’s article, golf is a quite interesting and very beneficial sport for girls. With these benefits in mind, you sure have no excuses to start practicing and playing golf on regular matter. The course awaits you!

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