Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers 2018


Like with any other learning and adapting knowledge to the life, there is no significant difference when it comes down to the fairway woods. Among the many other clubs which are a must have in your golf bag, there will also be dedicated space for at least one to two fairway clubs. Through time, these clubs were trendy, but lately, it seems that they are left aside due to the development of hybrids.

Nonetheless, the fairway woods are still present on the green, and they continue to provide many excellent features to the golfers, especially if they have some “handicap.”

Through this article, we will give you essential info related to these types of clubs, and help you to choose The Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers.

Top Fairway Woods  for
High Handicappers

High handicappers Fairway Wood

Best for...

TaylorMade Men's M2 Fairway Wood

Maximum distance & forgiveness

2017 Cobra Golf Men's KING F7 Fairway Wood

Easily Adjustability

Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood

High Ball Speeds & Distance.

TaylorMade Aeroburner Black Fairway Wood

High handicapper players that Slice

Callaway Men's XR 16 Fairway Wood

Easy to hit

Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers Review

#1. Best for: Maximum distance and forgiveness

TaylorMade Men's M2 Fairway Wood

Editor's rating: 4.9/5*

  • This fairway woods is excellent for HIGH HANDICAPPER PLAYER because it's a forgiving club, making you feel confident when on the green. M2 were designed  to give high handicapper golfers maximum distance and forgiveness in a fairway wood
  • The main feature that makes the M2 attractive is the ability to shoot the ball across the green very far; maybe too far away. Without losing the trajectory and forgiveness, this fairway wood is all about reaching long shots and versatility.
  • On the other side, the practical use of the M2 is to improve your long game, and with this club, you will achieve this.​
  • The M2 fairway wood shares the same Crown composite technology which is in the M1 and M2 drivers. The mentioned technology saves weight while placing it in more desirable areas. Larger, more open Speed Pocket on M2 increases the speed of the ball, and at the same time reduces the spin.​
  • This fairway wood is a forgiving club, making you feel confident when on the green
  • The accuracy comes with powerful distant shots
  • The M2 fairway wood is the inheritor to M1 fairway wood from TaylorMade, and it is considered to be a smaller version of the M2 driver. The black and white tone of the crown makes it look smaller than it is, but in the term of sizing, the M2 appears like any other modern fairway woods.
  • The sound factor of the M2 is also an interesting thing. While it is said to be more muted, many players are complaining that the sounding of the M2 is the worst one, ever.
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#2. Best for: Easily Adjustability

2017 Cobra Golf Men's KING F7 Fairway Wood

Editor's rating: 4.7/5*

  • But the main feature of the F7 fairway wood is the implementation of the Baffler Dual Rail design, and the adjustable weight system to control the center of the gravity (CG) of the head. The head comes with a 20 g and 3g weights which you can place hard forward if you want to decrease the spin and bring down the flight
  • We can say that the primary goal of the F7 is to achieve accuracy, while the distance being less mainstream. So, to gain precision, the Cobra F7 comes with the eight-position adjustable hosel and 3-degree loft range.
  • Although the hosel is simple, the F7 comes with weight adjustability which is really on point feature,
  • With thanks to the Baffler Dual Rail system, no lie can cause difficulties while playing,
  • The 3-4 wood has 13° to 16° (but it’s more 16° and less 13°); the 5-6 wood comes with 17° to 20°, and the 7 to 8 wood moves from 21° to 24°. All Cobra F7 fairway woods will come with the Lamkin Rel grip and the standard Fujikura Pro 65 shaft.
  • The Baffler Dual Rail design of the F7 is there to reduce digging into the turf and provide clean contact with the ball. No, this is not just a story, because if you find yourself in some rough dirt, the club will quickly navigate through the mess and distribute better contact with the ball.
  • If you are on the ground which is considered to be close to ideal, like fairway, the F7 Baffler Dual Rails will help the club to slide through the turf while maintaining the speed and keep the face on the proper direction.
  • You can locate the weights in the back of the head which will increase the trajectory, and you will get slightly higher launch which is suitable for using the fairway wood straight from the fairway.
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#3. Best for: High Ball Speeds and Distance.

Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood

Editor's rating: 4.7/5*

  • Significant feature on the Great Big Bertha (GBB) is increased moment of inertia (MOI) which is higher than standard, but the forgiveness and workability that this fairway wood provides can only bring a bonus to your game.
  • Therefore, the high ball speed, workability on any lie, and pulling out the maximum distance are things to consider if you are after good fairway wood which can help in improving your game, especially if you are a high handicapper.
  • The ball gets higher speeds with thanks to Forged Hyper Speed Cup face technology, with no matter where you strike it on the face. The overall result that you will look at is in reaching more distance.
  • The design of the crown looks compelling, and many players do like matte feature.
  • The Forged Hyper Speed Cup face built of the robust 455 stainless steel significantly increases ball speed across the golf course, and at the same time enhancing the distance,
  • The Callaway Great Big Bertha brings forgiveness, and the Warbird soleplate will provide better playability even on tough lies,
  • When you take GBB fairway wood to the green, it will become apparent to you that this club is all about distance and forgiveness.
  • The GBB fairway wood comes with no moving and adjustable weight system, but instead, it comes with up to 8 different lie and loft combinations.
  • The matte finish of the crown appears to be opposite to the norm, but it has advantages in reducing the reflection which can be distracting to some players.
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#4. Best for: High handicapper players that Slice

TaylorMade Aeroburner Black Fairway Wood

Editor's rating: 4.7/5*

  • We are also recommending the TaylorMade AeroBurner fairway wood to any high handicap golfer who is struggling with slicing the fairway wood. Just, this club offers more distance, it is easy to swing, and the primary selling attribute of the AeroBurner is the forgiveness it brings. Even the alignment is easy with this fairway wood because the crown graphics are making it simple.
  • This fairway wood is light-weight and has excellent balance, and this may convince you that this is a top-notch product. Also, the TaylorMade company has put into this high club strength Ni-CO 300 allow face together with the white matte finish, the feature that you can’t overlook.
  • The 60 gr shaft weight is making this club feel very light-weight,
  • The new design of the pocket enhances the sweet spot size,
  • The presence of the new Speed Pocket also represents the addition to the AeroBurner because its function is to reduce the spinning while increasing the size of the sweet spot. And that is not all that is new with this fairway wood.
  • At the first moment when you are at the address, the raised crown section in the middle of the top catches the eye. As you can imagine, the purpose of the lifted center and the outer section lower is to disrupt the airflow and make the club head go through the air quicker.
  • One more addition to the aerodynamics is the AeroHosel which is essentially a little fin located where the head connects to the hosel. In other words, AeroBurner is all about speed.
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#5. Best for: Easy to hit

Callaway Men's XR 16 Fairway Wood

Editor's rating: 4.7/5*

  • The original manufacturer goal is to give you more speed and more distance, which is an important feature if you are a medium or high handicapper. And when you finally hit the ball, you will see how it is easy to hit high and straight shots, while achieving extended carry and maximum distance. Simply, wow!
  • When you look at the 175cc club head, the first impression that you would think about is that this fairway wood is easy to hit – and you won’t be wrong. The slight head together with a great club face improves the game with no matter if you are a mid or high handicapper. For reducing the center of the gravity (CG), which comes along with a high COR, the clubs crown is built very light.
  • With the XR 16 fairway wood, you will achieve high launches and easy to hit feature with no matter of your handicap
  • This fairway wood is big and stands proud for being big. The round, substantial shape of the XR 16 doesn’t say anything else than large, because the people at Callaway were aiming to give the club which is easy to hit, and they did the excellent job indeed.
  • So many attributes in the XR 16 are the prototypes, and the Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup got the new design, and this feature reflects the sound. New, hotter and thinner Hyper Speed Face Cup design will make metallic “tink,” and you will feel the ball is jumping off the face..
  • The control and forgiveness on Callaway XR 16 are above average because the MOI is the highest ever when compared to other fairway woods.
  • And from where you can get better assistance when it comes to aerodynamics than from Boeing itself. This fairway wood won’t force you to choose between aerodynamics, speed, forgiveness or ease of launch; instead, you will receive the full package.
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Thing you should know before buying

Handicap and High handicap meaning

At the start, we think that the best way to begin is to explain what the term “handicap” means for the good old game of golf and its participants. Well, it is certain that the word “handicap” can address to something wrong to a newcomer, but it is the common term in golf which is introduced to the game back in 1911 to provide fair games for the players.

The definition of “handicap” represents simple calculations to determine what are the golfer's achievements on a particular golf course. In other words, if you shoot 92 on a green that has the mark of 72, then your handicap score is 20. Or, if you shoot 84 on a course with a rating of 70 than the overall handicap will be 14.

Naturally, the lower your handicap rate is, you are considered to be a better golfer. According to official USGA handicap system, the highest handicap that is allowed for men is 36, and for women 40. On the other hand, every golf player with the handicap score above 20 is the one who has a high handicap.

Further, the handicap system also refers to the golf course to show the player how difficult the terrain can be. There are two-course handicaps, first is related to course rating and the second to slope rating. Let us explain, if you have 0 handicaps on the green, that is your course rating; and the handicap of 18 represents the slope rating when you compare it to the course rating.

Also, you can learn and discover more about handicap system on official USGA site, and use the official USGA handicap calculator. Also, the USGA has excellent video related to the handicap system which you can watch here.

Now we can move forward and look into the foundational info related to fairway woods.

Guide for buying the fairway woods

Certainly, when it comes down to the fairway woods, soon you will see that they are hard clubs to learn and play with them. But, the amount of effort that you put into them will only bring improvements to your game, especially if you strive to make and keep your handicap on lower levels.

First time when you take a fairway wood on the green, it will become apparent to you that the name suggests the function of these clubs. The fairway woods are here to distribute the maximum force when shooting the ball while sending it for hundreds of yards across the golf course.

On one side, the power of these clubs comes from the long shafts and large heads, and on the other end from the lowest loft angles that fairway woods have. The loft angle of each club determines how high will the ball go and travel and the fairway woods will provide flatter trajectory, making the ball reach more distance.

It is good for you to know that the most common fairway woods for men have the next designation No. Three wood (with 13 to 15-degree lofts), No. 5 wood (17 to 19-degree lofts) and No. 7 wood which has 20 to 22-degree loft angle. There are differences with fairway woods loft for women, and they will have a higher loft than the ones for men.

Of course, you can use the driver club, since it is considered among golfers to be a one wood, but the 3 or 5 fairway wood can provide higher trajectory, and make the ball land more gently on the green. Therefore, we recommend to you that you take additional care about what clubs you will put into your bag, especially if you are a high handicapper. The 3-wood or 5-wood might be the best choice for you, along with the driver, but the excellent practice is to pick one and work with it.

Woods and Hybrids


We are saying “and” not “vs.” on purpose because the main goal of hybrids is to offer a replacement for long irons, not the woods. Actually, there wasn't any kind of competition between woods and hybrids, but still this has become hot topic among many golfers.

Therefore, at some point, with regard to the ongoing talk about these types of clubs, you will ask yourself the question should you use fairway woods or the hybrids. Well, as we can see, the debate related to this matter only gets deeper and hotter for every year that passes. Even among the professionals, you could see that they are divided on this subject, but you should know that every single golfer and his style of play is a story of itself.

We can say that the best solution is to know what you need and expect from the clubs, and even if you have in your bag woods and hybrids, that won’t be a mistake. But remember, if your goal is to achieve more distance when shooting than the best choice is fairway wood because it has a longer shaft, and the clubs head distributes more speed to the ball. In other words, hybrids are lowering the maximum distance that you can get from shooting and giving you more accuracy.

So, the best advice for the high handicapper that we can give is to rather choose fairway woods or long irons instead of hybrids.

Club head materials

In the past, the fairway would come with the wooden head, so this is from where the name was derived. Today, you should know that there are three types of club heads, and they have their advantages.

You will find that many modern fairway woods will have a steel head. The steel is not expensive, but yet it is a durable material which gives a robust and forgiving element to the fairway wood. Also, thanks to the steel, the clubs head doesn’t have to be so big as the drivers head.

Next clubs head material is the titanium. The titanium has the half-weight of the steel, and this light weight material provides the ability to manufacturers to push the center of the gravity far back in the head. The outcome is the possibility to make the ball become airborne earlier while reaching the maximum distance.

There are also multi-material clubs which are combining modern materials like steel, titanium and carbon. These clubs heads are similar to the titanium heads because they can provide better launch and reduce twisting on off-center hits. Finally, you should know that this kind of clubs are premium products, and therefore they will come at a price.

Shaft materials

Today, it appears that graphite fairway wood shaft represents the norm and the manufacturers are still holding steel shafts on some products. But, it is the fact that steel shafts are the best option for better players because they can distribute lower and more penetrating flight of the ball. Also, you will find that many golfers are using the steel shaft clubs because they like the feel and the sound of these clubs.

Some players are claiming that steel shaft clubs can distribute a little more accuracy. Well, it is hard to determine that because the use of fairway woods sticks to the distance not accuracy, and if getting more accuracy is the truth, then it will come at the expense of distance.

But, if you are a beginner or you just don’t get along with the steel shafts, then the best choice for you is a longer and flexible graphite shaft. Yes, the longer shaft will distribute more distance and less control, but that is the sole purpose of fairway woods.

Finally, we can recommend to you this shaft performance guide which will give you additional info related to their brands, weight, launch and spin specifications and side-by-side comparison.