Best Golf Putters for Beginners

Tips in Choosing Golf Putters for Beginners

For every beginner in golf, there is one thing that is important - to choose the right golf equipment. Among others, one that will require special attention is your putter.

As a novice, you should choose one that is user-friendly and can optimize your shots without having to exert too much effort. If you are clueless on what to buy, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll provide you some tips on how to pick the best golf putters for beginners.

As funny as it seems, there is one adage amongst golfers – many men have more putters than the women they have. This is especially true for the pros. Putters are amongst the most important clubs that you can have.

A putter that works well for your golf buddy may not necessarily work the same way for you. There are certain considerations that should be taken into account, including the tips mentioned in the rest of this post.

Consider the Types of Golf Putters


When looking for the best golf putters for beginners, you will be confronted with three types:

Blade Putter: With this putter, the heel is where you can find the sweet spot. It is the least forgiving from the three, which is why it may not necessarily be the best for novices in the sport.

Heel and Toe Weighted Putter: Also called perimeter weighted putter, this is the one that is least likely to end up twisting. This is known for its accuracy, which is why it is a popular choice amongst beginners.

Mallet Putter: The weight in this kind of putter is concentrated on the end of its face. With this design, it will be good for people who often tend to miss the sweet spot. It can be further classified into two: toe weighted and face balanced.

Pick the Right Length and Weight


As it has been earlier mentioned, the best golf putter for your friend may not be the best for you. There are individual factors that will come into play. With this, as you search for the best, one of the first things to check is the length of the putter.

To find the correct one, you have to try several putters. Ideally, choose a putter wherein the shaft will be in line with your forearms. If you are taller, you might want to consider customized putter or those with longer shafts.

Another important consideration is the weight of the golf putter. This is critical because it will be indicative of how the ball will roll. There is no rule of thumb on whether you should choose a lightweight or heavier putters.

For most beginners, on the other hand, they opt to pick one that is lighter so that it will be easier for them to handle and control.

Look at the Face and the Loft


The loft is important because it will have a significant impact on how the ball will bounce from the face. Its right positon will depend on how you hold it. The best loft will depend on your body form.

The face, on the other hand, will be crucial for distance and control. For beginners, it would be best to choose a face that comes with a milled design. You can also consider using an insert. This will be an excellent way to enhance the speed of the ball.

Try it Out Before Buying


One thing that you should not forget to do is to try the putter before you purchase it. Look at how comfortable you are with the putter. If you are not comfortable, choose another one.

Try as many putters as possible until you find one that you believe is best suited for your playing style. If you are buying online, on the other hand, you should look at the policies of the seller when it comes to return and exchange.



By now, we hope that you have gained valuable insights on how you can choose the best golf putters for beginners. A lot of people may decide on the basis of price, but this should not be the case.

As a beginner, you are good enough with an entry-level model, but still, you have to pay attention to the tips earlier mentioned. This will help you to demonstrate better in-game performance.

At the end of the day, however, take note that having the right putter will not suffice. You need to learn the right techniques.

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