Best golf shoes in 2017


Which golf shoes do you use when you go to the course? Do you know they affect your performance more than you’ve thought? Engineering the perfect swing sometimes requires the change of shoes; the stabilization of the foot and grounding has an amazing impact to golfer’s performance.

The holiday season is the best time to invest in yourself and your golf performance – get some quality golf shoes and impact your game significantly.

When it comes to picking the right model, the choice is not easy at all. I will do my best to review several models which I believe that will be among the most quality ones in the year to follow. Let’s find the best golf shoes to buy in 2017!

The Winner Is...

Hitting all the holes, I must declare the Adipower model from Adidas as the winner of this contest. Its looks are great, neatly balancing between traditional and sporty, and yet not overly sporty. Its lightness will mean a lot during longer courses, and with good balance between traction and slide will provide a bit of improvement for your game.

The price-quality relation is well balanced, so you are not wasting any money, but gaining a lot in return.

adidas Men's 'Adipower Boost' Golf Shoe

(The Best Golf Shoes)

What to look for in golfer shoes?

Comfort & Materials

Playing golf means long walks, and if you are ill-equipped for this, the blisters are real possibility. Of course, you need to look for the best, not just good or average.

Material used needs to provide breathing for the skin (not allowing sweat), and remain firm and strong at the same time. Even though synthetic materials are used more often in creating golf shoes recently. Still, this does not mean that the shoe will be bad.

Quite the contrary, this gives better opportunities for improvement, making them lightweight, stylish and waterproof at the same time. The shoe tread also need to be the best available, and to provide fine balance between grip and slide, which will be needed when hitting the ball, a situation where your foot rotates.

A too hard tread may harm your foot in longer terms, and you will get the feeling that you are standing on a set of razor blades.

This feeling will definitely kill any kind of enjoyment, and will ruin your day. On the other hand, too soft tread will give much less support, and will probably fall apart very quickly.

What about the leather?

This material is one of the oldest ones used in the shoe production, and it takes a big percentage in the golf shoe market. Leather does provide a solid support and stylish look, but it doesn’t allow air flow which might impact the sweat.

All models for 2017 have the combined build which allows the comfort of the leather, breathability of the synthetic, and stability of the both.

Stability & durability

Different types of soil may influence the balance during the hit, and that is why your shoes must have the same grip on any kind of base, whether that be dirt, grass, sand or any other.

This is one of the biggest advantages for a shoe, and the hardest one to accomplish. There are several ways to achieve this, from material used to make crampons, to their placement.

The depth of the shoe is also an important feature, and this one as well, must suit you perfectly. Shoe which is too shallow will not give you the best possible grip and stability, and may lead to twisted and sprained ankles, while too deep ones will hold down your foot, making your swing less effective.

Speaking of rotation, the key feature is the front section of the tread, the part which rotates during the swing. If this section is not perfect, then nothing will help to overcome the loss.

Twisted crampons are the right solution for this (looking like a swirled star), because they will stay in place while you are standing, and slide enough while you are hitting the ball.

Of course, durability of the tread is of utmost importance, because cheap materials will not hold for too long, and the shoe will be ready for replacement. Reading the golf shoes reviews online is a resource that really helps here, because you get to see what people who’ve used the exact shoe say about them.

You can’t measure the effectiveness and durability of the thread from the quick inspection in the store. Days of wearing and using are required to inspect the durability and stability the right way.

Style & Price

Each style is unique, and this question is open for debate. Some people prefer more traditional looks, while other simply love modern, “techy” kind of shoe. The choice is completely yours, and there is no one that can tell you that you are wrong. You are choosing those you think will fit your style the best.

For example, I tend to choose less traditional type of shoe, but not too modern, something I think that belongs to the gym or the running track. On the other hand, if the performance of the shoe is overshadowing the style, I’m ready to try new things.

Of course, style and looks are only second to performance, comfort and stability. If these three features are not available, then nothing else is important, and no looks and style can help you to overcome this drawback. Please have this in mind when choosing for the best golf shoes for yourself.

Best Golf Shoes Reviews​ in 2017

Hitting all the holes, I must declare the Adipower model from Adidas as the winner of this contest. Its looks are great, neatly balancing between traditional and sporty, and yet not overly sporty. Its lightness will mean a lot during longer courses, and with good balance between traction and slide will provide a bit of improvement for your game.

The price-quality relation is well balanced, so you are not wasting any money, but gaining a lot in return.

adidas Men's 'Adipower Boost' Golf Shoe

(The Best Golf Shoes)

Here are another TOP Golf Shoes 2017

adidas Men's 'Adipower Boost' Golf Shoe - Best golf shoes to buy in 2017


The Good Stuff

  • “Hugs” your foot
  • Good support
  • Good choice of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Easily combined with other styles

The Bad Stuff

  • Not available in full black color

Summary: What I liked the most, is this soft, foamy part under the heel which really feels good, and provides an excellent support with maximum comfort. Also, the tongue is connected with lower part of the shoe, literally hugging your foot, and giving you the feel as you are wearing socks rather than sneakers.


  • Rubber sole
  • Tongue connected with the lower part of the shoe
  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible lacing saddle

German manufacturer has been present in golf industry for a while, expanding their field of work as new opportunities occur. More of a sneaker then a shoe, “Adipower boost” brings lightweight footwear with a few innovations.

First of all, while it may look like it is made of low quality neoprene and polyester, it is waterproof so those who like to walk through dewy grass will be safe from soaking their socks.

As for support given from these shoes, rubber spikes on the tread provide a lot of grip. Although grass and dirt might be a bit difficult to clean from there, it is not such a big deal.

Also, laces are connected with flexible three stripes, which provides a good and equal tightening. The price is also acceptable, so this is one of the strongest recommendations, providing that you are not opposed to its sporty looks.


The Good Stuff

  • Low price
  • Great air flow
  • Decent grip
  • Good traction

The Bad Stuff

  • Not completely waterproof
  • Average
  • Poor choice of colors
  • A slightly overcame design

Summary: This is a type of leather and fiber combined sneaker, with breathable top part, so it was perfect when I was testing it on a hot day, but it is not the best solution if the weather reports states the possibility of rain.


  • Midsole made from EVA
  • Six-spiked design
  • ThinTech feature
  • Partly mesh-based

Yet another model from German brand, this shoe gives more traditional approach, but it is still paired with a few improvements.

The tread is equipped with six larger crampons placed on a key points to provide maximum gripping effect. Lacing is acceptable, although nothing spectacular.

The tongue is made from the same cushy material as the top of the shoe, and it stays in its place, something that my old shoes lacked severely.

The price is also one of the advantages, so these shoes would be good solution for beginners in this sport, or those who are switching from traditional to modern ones.

Men's Footjoy Hyperflex Golf Spike - providing the best possible comfort


The Good Stuff

  • Sporty looks
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Grid which adjusts towards the foot
  • Good choice of colors available

The Bad Stuff

  • Expensive
  • Cleaning is menacing
  • No Boa system

Summary: This model from FootJoy is a real stand-out. It looks really sporty, and reminds me greatly of running shoes, so its targeting audience are those who love to look more modern. It has a grid made of high quality rubber which goes all over the top part, and adjusts to your foot, providing the best possible comfort.


  • Fine-Tuned Foam 2.0
  • FlexGrid
  • Slightly narrow foot bed
  • Next Evolutionary Outsole

It may seem as these sneakers are made from moonlight and spider web, they are quite durable, and even waterproof, so your feet will definitely stay dry.

As the other models listed here, it is spiked one, meaning that the thread has crampons for better grip. FootJoy put nine bigger crampons on vital spots and surrounded them with tiny ones.

Lacing is good, as it literally hugs your foot. Although FootJoy’s Boa system is excellent, it is not included here, as it would probably raise the price even more.

Cleaning the grid is a bit of a drag, and its price is high as well, but if you can put aside these characteristics as I have, you should be good.


The Good Stuff

  • Foot bed can be removed
  • Mesh provides good airing
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Cleaning is easy

The Bad Stuff

  • Not waterproof
  • Style is a bit outdated
  • A bit expensive for what it offers

Summary: A combination of retro and sporty design comes from Puma, and it is made of durable and breathable material. The tread sports ten bigger crampons for better grip, and those are put on corresponding spots. Shock-absorbing part of the tread is not such a big deal, but it contributes to overall sense of lightness.


  • Lightweight mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • New generation of EVA foam (15% lighter)

Lacing is tight, and holds shoe in its place. The best thing about this shoe is the foot bed is removable, which makes cleaning so much lighter. Also, cleaning in general is not much of a fuss, it was piece of cake. As for the price,

I feel that it might be a bit lower, but on the other hand, the manufacturer is quite famous, and it is reasonable that the price is such.



Hi! I’m Patricia B. Domingo. I teach during the school year so that I can hit the links all summer long. My father put a golf club in my hand as soon as I could make a fist, and I’ve been in love with the sport ever since. I’m happy to share my knowledge of golf with you here

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