How to Check Golf Cart Batteries? (the Best Battery Maintenance)

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Batteries used for powering small systems like a golf cart have a special design and construction. They are 6-volt lead acid, deep cycle batteries. The excellent deep cycle structure provides extra energy storage. Unlike the batteries of automobiles! Such a design also allows the cart to travel further between two charges. So how to check golf cart batteries?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place. The process might seem slightly difficult or complicated. But, trust me, that’s not the case. To perform the task all you need are two things. These are a proper toolset and basic instructions. The latter you have to get while the former is what I’m going to discuss with you below.

How to Check Golf Cart Batteries? Step-by-Step Instructions

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What you need:

  •  Protective gear like thick gloves and eye goggles
  •  Wrench
  •  Cleaning solution of baking soda and distilled water
  •  Clean cloth (2)
  • Battery terminal clamp and post cleaner
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Golf cart battery voltage meter

How to Check Golf Cart Batteries?

1. Put on your safety gear

Better be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you agree? With that in mind, don’t forget to take necessary steps for self-protection. Before you even begin checking your cart battery! This means wearing protective clothing, thick gloves, and eye goggles.

It might seem like you’re being a tad too cautious. But when it comes to performing a task involving battery acid, too much safety is never a bad idea. If and when any problems arise, you’ll be relieved to know that you took such precautions.

2. Examine the battery’s surface

Thoroughly examining the surface of the cart’s battery is what you do next. But only after putting on protective gear! A detailed inspection is more like it. More often than not, this is the time when you might spot battery cracks. So if that’ the case, battery replacement is the only solution.

Other signs of bad golf cart batteries include accumulation of dirt or fluids. Near the posts or connections! Batteries are susceptible to erosion as well. So at such times, you have to replace them.

On the other hand, if the surface seems to be in the prime of its life, here’s what you do. Take a wrench and use it to screw in those vent caps. Then move on to the next step!

3. Mix cleaning solution

Once you properly screw in the invaluable vent caps, it’s time to bring in the cleaning solution. This consists of baking soda and distilled water. To be more precise, 1 tbsp. of the former and 1-8 ounces of distilled water.

With the help of a piece of clean cloth, wipe the surface of the battery. Gently and using the solution! After sufficiently cleaning the surface, you can rinse it with water. Before drying the thing with another clean towel!

4. Clean the battery’s terminals and clamps

After drying off the battery, disconnect all cable clamps. Then use a battery terminal clamp and post cleaner to wipe those terminals. You can also clean the interior of the dirty clamps. Such cleaners are incredibly effective. And pretty affordable as well!

5. Check the battery

What to do once the terminals and clamps are vigorously cleaned? You can reconnect those clamps to their respective battery terminals. Then apply a thin layer of the useful petroleum jelly on top of the clamps. Followed by using a voltmeter to inspect the battery!

And that’s about it! Just keep in mind these five simple steps the next time you want to check your cart battery. Even if it’s the good 18650 battery for golf cart, the thing requires regular maintenance. So don’t forget to do that. While also exercising caution!

Golf Cart Battery Problems

Every battery gives warning signs when it’s failing. So let’s find out what these symptoms are!

  • In the case of golf cart batteries, they make the cart shutter. And shuttering implies that the batteries have low voltage. The condition could also mean that the chargers don’t function properly.
  • Sometimes the cart fails to start. And this happens only due to low voltage. When voltage declines below a certain level, most carts don’t start or move.
  • Completely charged batteries tend to keep the cart running for 2 full golf rounds. It means 1 charge is good enough to complete 2 rounds. But if your batteries don’t deliver such a range, know that they’re experiencing issues. And also that they require thorough examination and replacement.

How to Check Golf Cart Battery Charger?

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Since I’ve mentioned the charger not functioning properly (above), allow me to address that problem as well. When testing the charger, all you have to do is turn it on. Do that to find out if your battery is receiving any charge at all.

Also feel free to check the battery’s ability to generate power. By connecting the voltmeter to those negative and positive clamps present on the charger! The voltmeter needle moves from the left to the right, correct? This indicates the available amps. Extreme left implies no battery power. And extreme right means maximum amperage.

That was pretty simple, wasn’t it?


It’s important to keep a check on your golf cart batteries as well as the charger. It’s because these components are not immune to damage. They are capable of presenting problems. And what regular maintenance does is prevent such potential issues from taking control.

So how to check golf cart batteries? You know the process now, don’t you?

I hope you found the instructions simple to understand and perform. Just don’t forget the protective gear before undertaking a task like this.

Thank you for choosing my article to solve your problem. And do come back again soon!

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