Which Are the Easiest Golf Clubs to Hit?


Which Are the Easiest Golf Clubs to Hit?

When you are getting ready to partake in golf, whether as a beginner or as a more experienced player, it is important to know which golf clubs suit you. For maximum performance, you need to choose golf clubs that will be easy to hit and be in sync with your swing for the best results.

Every golf player out there can identify with the frustration of having the wrong clubs. Clubs have been created, modified and upgraded in modern day to suit a myriad of golf players, all depending on what they prefer.

Some golf players are left-handed, others prefer heavier clubs. There are ladies clubs and junior golf clubs as well. The other golf clubs are those that are much more suited for seniors. This is called the senior flex golf clubs.

Most companies that deal in golf clubs manufacture are aiming at producing golf clubs with an enhanced distance to increase ball speed. This enhancement is done by subjecting the clubs to heat in order to produce strong and thin faced clubs with a great swing.

Golf clubs are costly but every dedicated player does not mind spending a little more on better clubs to help their game.

Some of the easiest golf clubs to hit are:

Adams blue

This club gives golfers more swing speed to get more ball speed. Its low shape helps launch the ball longer and faster and maximizes the performance of golfers. It can be upgraded to a 5-pw that is available in steel and graphite.

The features of the Adams Blue make it a very light golf club that is easy to hit for any golfer.

Callaway big bertha

This model has been around before. It has now returned as a more improved club that allows golfers to swing with more confidence. It is made with fairway woods which are great at providing a great range of distance.

Its new make gives it a hollow body and shifts all its weight to the edges where it will give the ball the most explosive speed and make it airborne quicker than the older model. 

Wilson staff D200

These clubs have a trampoline like effect and this gives the ball an added 2mph. this is faster than the older model, D100 could swing. This club is a light weight that has all its weight shifted to the heel.

The distribution of weight in the club gives it a 5% increase in swing speed and is easy to handle for the player.

TaylorMade RSi 1

This model of clubs has produced many more golf clubs. When making the RSi 1, their aim was to make the ultimate go to golf club to suit all players. They used the face slot technology to come about this club.

This technology helps with uniform swinging to help you reach the green even when you make a bad strike. It also has a speed pocket that improves your range even when your swing has low face impact. 

Nike Vapor Seed

These clubs are low and deep to give a more definitive trajectory. They have light weight shafts that increase ball speed and a spring effect to increase the distance of each swing.

The Nike Vapor has a deep cut cavity and longer irons to stabilize the club for a longer and swifter swing. Nike X3X grooves is aligned closely to give a better flex and spin to the golfer.


These clubs provide longer carries due to their deep cut cavity that shifts the weight lower. The Yonex has an enlarged head that will help save your mishits. The thin face provides for more swing and greater distance.

This club is flexible for all players, beginner or senior. Its spring face gives the player ease in hitting with it. It lessens the margin for mishits. 

Titleist 714 AP1

The AP1 clubs are made with better CG heights to help launch balls higher and faster. The shorter irons are able to launch flatter to help reach the green. These clubs have a smooth impact and a lighter feel on the swing.

The smooth landings of these clubs help the player aim and hit easily with little or no chance of making a bad swing. 

Cobra fly-Z XL

These clubs are much more traditional and may be more suited for seniors. They are oversized to create better trajectories for the ball. They have a dual cavity that lowers the weights and creates a deep CG.

Behind their face is a speed pocket that minimizes the thickness of the face to help increase ball speed. 

Other considerations:

It is important that you also consider other features in the club you select to ensure that you have the best club for your physique and swing range.

If you are a more patient player who takes time with their swing, the more compact clubs are more suited for you. They are more workable and easier to handle and to hit.

The shaft type of the club you choose is important to consider. There are steel and graphite shafts.

  • The steel shaft is more common and cheaper. They are light and provide an easier swing.
  • Graphite shafts have more swing speed because they are lighter. They make launching the ball much easier and give greater swing distance

In conclusion

Whether you are going for a traditional club, short or left hand clubs, it is important to pick the right club for your swing. A club that is able to accommodate your mishits and improve your trajectory.

Passionate golfers do not mind spending more to get the best. All the outlined golf club models are more costly than regular golf clubs and make up for their cost by giving the best golfing experience to players.

Beginners should invest largely on better models which are easier to hit. They are better for practice and help golfers perfect their swings and better their games.

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