How to Fix the Most Common Mistake Female Golfers Make? (#3 is the Biggest Mistake)

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Playing golf at first is quite an intimidating experience. There’s no denying that! The only difference between the two genders is the way they play. Due to the shape of the body, nothing else! So let’s find out how to fix the most common mistake female golfers make?

Both men and women face different problems on the course. For women, these are related to breasts coming in the path of the swing motion. Or the feeling of sticking the butt out in an awkward position during the stance!

So it’s time to find out the biggest mistakes golfers make, only the female kind! It’s time to rectify these. So you can play better golf!

How to Fix the Most Common Mistake Female Golfers Make?

Golf is a game that requires some basic skills, to begin with. And I’m here to discuss the most misunderstood golf rules. So if you’re a female golfer, here are some useful tips to improve your training.

1. The Grip

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Let me begin by stating that you require the best beginner golf clubs for women. Without these, the process of identifying and rectifying mistakes becomes even more difficult.

Moving on, for every swing, there is nothing more important than the grip. You can’t expect to learn any other tricks or techniques without mastering the grip first. Women, in particular, find the process of overcoming errors more challenging. Mainly due to their size! A factor also responsible for strength!

So a good foundation lies in that perfect grip. With it, you can achieve the flawless technical swing. And irrespective of gender, every player desires a natural grip. That’s because the hands are your single-most connection with that club. So if you have a proper grip, it can produce the most natural feel. The kind that unites you and the club!

With a natural grip, you can prevent mishaps like the club slipping during the swing movement. It allows you to achieve a continuous swing. While also creating a powerful impact at the time of ball contact!

If you’re a right-handed player, the lead hand is the left one, correct? And the bottom or training hand is the right one. While for left-handed players, it’s the other way around.

Also, grip forms come in a variety of options. For women, the most popular pick is the invaluable overlap. It is perfect for golfers with big to normal hand sizes. But for shorter fingers, I would advise you to opt for the interlock grip. Then comes the “ten-finger” technique for players with weaker hands.

The most efficient way of finding your particular grip is not difficult. All you have to do is try different forms before selecting the most suitable one.

2. The Posture

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After the grip, it’s the posture that comes into action. Proper posture means yielding more swing consistency and balance. The most common golf swing problems stem from an incorrect posture. An appropriate posture is to keep your back straight while sticking out the butt. Along with keeping the chin up!

But you know what; this does not apply to women golfers. If you want to know “how to fix the most common mistake female golfers make?” then pay close attention now. The majority of women don’t have straight backs like men. So at such times, you can’t force your back to maintain a straight position. Because it’s naturally curved, right? It can cause a severe backache. And might also damage the spine in the long run!

But if your back is straight, you can achieve that proper posture. All you need to do is practice to get used to it. The ultimate goal is to remain comfortable throughout the swing. Only then will you be able to strike those perfect shots!

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3. The Breasts

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For women, the biggest mistake new golfers make is associated with breasts. I like to call it the breast battle. And the only way you can fix such an issue is by checking for a proper undergarment. You should be wearing something supportive enough. It should provide maximum support to your breasts without affecting your mobility.

If the bra or undergarment is too tight, it tends to flatten out the chest. And that has the ability to cause discomfort, which leads to producing terrible swings.

On the other hand, standing too upright during address is also a bad idea. Avoiding doing that and keep those shoulders rounded. This way, the arms get enough room to swing freely across your chest.

Final Note

It goes without saying that women carry weight differently than men. It’s because they have a narrower torso and wider hips. And such a structure lowers the central gravitational force further than men’s.

With such major differences, it comes as no surprise to know that female and male golfer mistakes are not similar. So how to fix the most common mistake female golfers make? I have discussed all the common issues in the article above. You can go through them once again just to be thorough.

In the end, the only thing to remember is that power and balance are critical factors. Especially when it comes to creating that perfect golf swing! Men have more power due to their broader torso. And women have access to more balance. Thanks to their wider hips! But you can make up for the lack of power. Simply by twisting the weight of your lower body throughout the stroke!

That’s all there is to know. I hope you found the post useful and informative.

If yes, then please don’t hesitate to drop in your comments. Hope to see you again soon!

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After spending many years learning from and playing with professional golfers, Felicia Taylor decided to spread all that golf knowledge. As a beginner to the game, she made several mistakes. So it’s her mission to help other golfers work towards eliminating such errors. She understands that improvement is a part of the process. And this is why her work is always centered towards it.







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