Golf Fitness – Your Guide to Better Golf

Golf Fitness Your Guide to Better Golf

Have you tried every swing aid, driver and game improvement club on the market? Are you still struggling with your golf swing? Maybe, the answer is that you are looking in the wrong place to improve your game. If you are having trouble playing well for 18 holes, a well planned Golf Fitness Program may be the answer to your golf problems.

I have played golf for 45 years and still play to a 2 handicap. While I come from the old school, I am always trying to find ways to maintain and improve my golf game. While getting excellent instruction, playing with the proper equipment and practice are key components to playing better, golf fitness is the most crucial element when it comes to playing good golf as we age.

How many times have you played well at the beginning of your round, only to fade and run out of gas at the end? Preparing yourself both mentally and physically and eating properly are necessities if you want to maintain your level of play on the course. By implementing a well rounded golf fitness program that includes golf specific exercises you will have the tools necessary to play well regardless of your age.

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I've seen so many golfers dash from the parking lot to the practice range, smash out a few drivers and then run to the first tee. They then cannot seem to understand why they got off to a bad start. By the fifth or sixth hole, they have warmed up and start playing better. However, by the time they reach the fourteenth hole they're low on energy and can't seem to hit shots they are normally capable of.

If you spend just a few minutes preparing for your round before you leave the house you will give yourself the tools necessary to start and finish your round strong. By doing a few golf specific exercises before you get to the course you will improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance. At the same time, these golf specific exercises will help get you prepared for that first tee shot.

Another great way to stay loose and keep your back swing from getting shorter during the round is to do some exercises every four holes. Just a few simple golf stretching exercises using either your club or golf cart will help you maintain your flexibility throughout the round. In addition, this will help you alleviate lower back pain, maintain your ability to turn during the back swing and keep your hamstrings from tightening up.

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The golf swing uses specific muscles during the swing and puts enormous stress on the body. While any exercise is usually good, if you want to improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance as they relate to your golf swing, then a golf specific exercise program is a must. Start now on the road to better golf regardless of age by implementing an easy do at home Golf Fitness Program.

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