How to Grip a Putter Like a Pro

grip a putter like a pro

If you’re new to golfing, you may wonder if there are differences in the way you should grip different clubs. The answer is…maybe. It depends on the situation and your comfort level. Most people, however, find that the most difficult club to figure out how to grip is the putter, and with good reason.

As a beginner, we usually start out gripping the putter the same way we grip our fairway clubs, with an interlocking grip, but that doesn’t always give us the best sense of control and confidence, and can feel quite awkward.

I don’t know about you, but watching the pros creates more confusion, not less:

All of these grips have their strengths and weaknesses and there is no one right way for every golfer or even every shot. You need to decide how to grip a putter based on your comfort level, sense of control and oftentimes even the circumstances (the lie of the ball, distance from the hole and/or direction of the green).

Below I will show you how to grip a putter using the most popular overlap putting grip, which feels more comfortable, gives you more freedom, and is less restricting your movement.


To best understand the explanation of the grip, you must first understand the terminology.

  • Lead Hand – This is your weaker hand (left for right-handed golfers, right for left-handed golfers), though it should dominant hand of your swing.

    It is the lead hand because it leads the swing and is responsible for making contact with the ball
putter grip in the lead hand

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  • Trail Hand – This is your strongest hand (right for right-handed golfers, left for left-handed golfers) that trails the lead hand and provides the follow through of the swing
grips trail hand putter

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  • Thumb pad – Our hands have two “pads” that help us control our grip. This is the pad directly below the thumb that is usually placed at the top of the grip
  • Heel Pad – This is the pad on your hand that is near the “heel” of the hand, under the pinkie and is placed under the club grip for stability
thumb pad heel pad
  • Putter Face – This is the long, flat surface of the putter that makes contact with the ball
putter face

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Step 1: Choose Your Putter

Choosing your putter is a very important part of your comfort, control, and success in golf. There are several different types of putters, so you will want to look for comfort, and balance. Much will depend on your individual stroke, so do your research. One helpful video can be found below

Whatever you do, be sure to try the putter in the golf store or ask a friend to borrow theirs for a round of golf to ensure that you like the feel of it.

Step 2: Place Club in the Lead Hand

Place the grip in the middle of your lead hand. Make sure the end of the handle is lined up with the heel pad of that hand, with the fingers facing down and the thumb outstretched

Grip a Golf Club step 1

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Step 3: Grip the Club

Fold your hand around the grip so that the fingers form a fist facing up, away from the ball, and the thumb is on top of the shaft in a straight line from the wrist, down the club (not wrapped around the club). Think about how you hold a remote control

Grip a Golf Club Step 2

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Step 4: Link the Trail Hand with the Lead Hand’s Pinkie

Place your trail hand over the lead hand with your pinkie in between the forefinger and middle finger of the lead hand. This should result in your trail hand being lower on the grip by about 3 fingers with the fingers intertwined

Grip a Golf Club Step 3

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Step 5: Overlap the Hands

Grip the shaft with the remainder of the finger from the trail hand, this time with the fingers creating a fist facing down. Place your trail hand thumb over your lead hand thumb so that they both form a straight line down the shaft of the club, pressing down lightly.

It’s very important that both of your thumbs are placed along the shaft of the club because this gives you a greater sense of control

Grip a Golf Club Step 4

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Step 6: Align the Face Head

You will want to place the face head of the putter in line with the golf ball so that the club is at less than about a 30-degree angle from your belly button. Make sure the face head is open, rather than at an angle down or up. Such angles can change the direction of the ball

align the face head putter

Step 7: Aim the Putter

Note that your instinct will tell you to aim your club head at the hole, but you will want to study the green. Learn how to judge the break and grain of the green and, if possible, watch the way the ball moves for other golfers

am the putter

Step 8: Swing

The power and direction of your swing depend on many factors including distance from the hole, the break and grain of the golf green, and the incline. So study up on the best ways to swing the putter based on circumstances, grip and your own most common errors

swing putter


Some issues that golfers might have with this grip can be addressed below by following these links:


Putting may be one of the most difficult parts of golf, but learning to putt well can shed strokes off your game and make the difference between an enjoyable afternoon of golf with friends and a game that will make you want to throw your clubs in the water hazard. If you follow these steps on how to grip a putter, you will have good control of your putt.

But remember, always study your game, identify common errors, and research the best ways to correct those errors. If you try this style of putting for a while and notice problems, consider trying a different style for a while and see if it improves your game. Even the pros do this from time to time, even Tiger Woods

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