How to Hit a 5 Wood without Struggling

How to Hit a 5 Wood without Struggling

How often do you use the 5-wood off the fairway? You may similarly use it off the tee but the big question is, are you able to hit the 5- wood consistently? You don’t have to blame yourself if not. There may be several explanations for that, one of them being that you haven't learned how to hit a 5-wood the right way

Personally, I did struggle a lot before I was able to hit the ball fairly well off the fairway and tee with a 5- wood. In order to be a better golf player, you need to make great tee shots and even better shots off the fairway with the aid of a 5-wood.

However, if you are still a victim of this wood, do not panic since this article is going to be a turning point in your golfing experience. Am going to share with you what will you require and give you easy- to- follow steps of hitting a 5- wood without struggling whether on the fairway or off the tee.


As I have stated before, to be a good golf player you need to know how to use a 5- wood club properly which will help you control the ball properly around the golf course. Most golf players neglect the importance of the fairway woods and tend practice less on them.

In the instructions below am going to take you through what you need to know about hitting a 5- wood and also a link on YouTube regarding the same.


  • 5-wood
  • Basic golf ball
  • Two alignment rods

Step 1: Pick the right wood

Pick the right wood

We start off by picking the right club for the upcoming shot which is the 5- wood in this case that is appropriate for shots off the tee and off the fairway. This wood is unique since for fairway woods, the bigger the number, the larger the loft angle which results in a higher launch angle.

Another reason for a 5 wood is that it is longer giving you a more upright posture that is essential during swinging.

Step 2: Ball position

Ball position

Place the ball forward off your front heel. Here you will use the alignment rods that will help you to ensure that you are placing the golf ball in the correct position while in your stance.

One rod will be on the ground while the other in a perpendicular position to the first one. Some golf teachers will tell you to position the golf ball between your driver position which normally allows one to hit down on the ball slightly hence letting the club push on the ball uniformly.

It is also advisable to play the ball just a few inches on the inside of the left heel and if you hit the draw in this position you will push the ball to the right giving it a slice spin.

Step 3: Square shoulders

Square shoulders

For proper swinging of the club, shoulder alignment plays a big role. Do not open your shoulder since it will cause a steeper downswing which can result in a less solid ball contact.

In order to hit the ball at a flatter angle consider keeping your shoulders in a square alignment. This will lead to a well-struck shot.

Step 4: Weight distribution

Weight distribution

Remember to keep balanced while you get the club to swing back. You will not be pleased with your weight shifting back and through.

Additionally, you can lean your body towards the right slightly away from the ball, which will come in handy as you rotate your body during the back swing. The key objective for your weight is to keep it balanced throughout.

Step 5: Addressing the ball

Addressing the ball

Ensure that you address the ball positioned some few inches on the inside of the left heel while the feet shoulder width is apart. This aids the 5- wood to bottom out correctly. Also, you can incorporate a stance that is wider so as to ensure that the swing produces a sweeping motion.

Step 6: Swinging


Swinging is the ultimate goal of the whole process. Ensure that you swing smoothly. At the very beginning of the swing, it should be a full backswing and afterward have a downswing onto the ball that is shallow.

Make sure that your body is loose so as to make a full turn leading your arms and hands in an arc all through the swing. Moreover, your right knee should be angled inwards in the direction of the target as you focus on a sweeping swing.

Step 7: Impact


The ball should be stuck at the lowest point of the club’s arc. In order for this to be achieved, the ball ought to be placed some inches to the left heel. By son doing you will even feel the sweeping of the ball just off the tee or grass if the swing is well executed.

You should be cautious not to try lifting the ball into the air using your hands. Just sweeps the ball away in a smooth rhythm for a successful shot. Make the strike clean lifting the ball into the air.

At impact, you should also ensure that the shoulders are in a square alignment. With regard to weight, it should be transferred from the back foot to the front one on impact. For added control and increased distance, grip the 5 wood an inch further from below.


Now I think you have realized that there is no rocket science behind hitting a 5-wood. All you have to do is follow the steps keenly with the right 5-wood, a golf ball, and alignment rods most definitely all your hitting problems will be solved.

It may not be easier during the first time but with time you will see a difference eventually. As they say, practice makes perfect. Anyway, did you enjoy the tutorial? If yes feel free to leave your comments and do not forget to share with your friends.

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