Hybrid or Rescue Golf Clubs?

Hybrid or Rescue Golf Club

Whether you’re a new or experienced golfer, you need to know what clubs to bring in your bag. When making this choice, a lot of people ask what the difference is between Hybrid and Rescue golf clubs .This is a confusing question because the answer is not totally clear and depends on how you categorize a “hybrid” club.

What is a hybrid?

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Hybrids were created as a solution to the problem of difficult golfing situations where neither an iron nor a fairway wood will do the job. An iron can be difficult as it has a low trajectory and small face, but a fairway wood has a long shaft that can make it difficult to hit with as well.

A hybrid was combined to be the “best of both worlds” and solve this conundrum. It can be used on the fairway, off a tee, or from the rough. Some people will prefer an iron for its accuracy, but hybrids are quickly taking over as the most user-friendly club.

Rescue Club Vs. Hybrid

A rescue club is actually just the Taylormade brand version of a hybrid. A rescue club is a hybrid that has more of a fairway wood feel to it, versus other hybrids that have more of an iron feel to them.


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In other words, technically the answer to the question “what is the difference between a hybrid and a rescue club” is nothing, because a rescue club is a type of hybrid.

That being said, when people ask the difference between a hybrid and rescue club, what they are typically asking is if they should be using a “fairway wood” style hybrid such as the rescue club, or a “drive” style hybrid.

The Taylormade Rescue club is known for its low center of gravity and for its extra big "wood" spot that will get your ball up in the air. This large sweet spot is what sets it apart from an iron, or a hybrid that leans towards the style of an iron.

Deciding between a fairway wood-style hybrid such as a rescue club or a drive style hybrid requires looking at what kind of shot you have, what kind of green you are hitting on, and what height you are looking for.

No matter what kind of hybrid club you choose, you will need to learn how to use it correctly. Hybrids have lighter shafts, larger and denser heads, and a generally low center of gravity and that gives them a different feel from any other kind of club.

The Rescue Style Hybrid

Hybrids, and especially wood style hybrids like the rescue, hit high. As you can see in this youtube video

A golfer was able to reach 19 degrees with the fairway wood-style hybrid whereas a 3 iron only got him to 10.8 degrees. If you're interested in getting the ball in the air, a rescue style hybrid will give you that edge.

If you are going to use the club to get yourself out of a sand trap, you can imagine that the rescue style hybrid would also work for you, as you'd need that height to get out of the tough spot. Rescue clubs were named for their ability to "rescue" golfers in tough situations!

If you are a beginner, you also will benefit from a hybrid with a wide face and low center of gravity such as a rescue. These features make the club easier to hit and give you a more consistent shot.

The Iron Style Hybrid

So when is an iron-style hybrid more useful? Iron style hybrids, such as the Mizuno MPH 3 or the Cobra Baffler Multi-Metal are great options for more experienced golfers that have an accurate shot.

An iron has a slimmer bottom than a wood, so a hybrid that falls more into the iron style will be able to provide some back spin. This backspin occurs from the bottom of the club hitting lightly against the ground during a swing. However, this back spin will only occur if the ball is hit correctly, so once again, an iron style hybrid is better equipped for someone used to working with irons and who has a steady hand.

mizuno H5 club

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The club face of an iron style hybrid will also be smaller, with less "sweet spot" room. The face will also be flatter, unlike a fairway wood- style hybrid. Again, accuracy is key when hitting with an iron or an iron style hybrid. While a "rescue" hybrid will cover up your mistakes and get you out of tough situations, an iron style hybrid might be the way to go for more experienced golfers.

Ideally, your hybrid should be able to replace your fairway edge wood as well as your iron, as this is the original goal of the hybrid. Whether you lean more towards a rescue style hybrid or an iron style hybrid, you should make sure that you feel comfortable hitting the ball and that the club gives you substantial height and accuracy.

Even within the category of hybrids, there are countless different kinds of clubs that cater to different abilities, experience levels, and personal preferences. Hybrids, in general serve, to combine the best qualities of an iron and a fairway wood, but depending on a hybrid, the club will probably lean further one way or the other.

Rescue clubs that have more of a fairway wood feel are a great tool for beginner golfers to get out on the course and start hitting the ball. They are versatile, consistent, and will get you out of tough situations. Iron style hybrids require more accuracy and skill but have less of a risk of hitting the ball sky high.

At the end of the day, which club works best for you really depends on your personal swing and preference. Give a few different hybrids a try and see which one feels the best and gets your ball the furthest. Soon you'll be leaving your irons and fairway woods behind as you get the perfect hybrid for your golf game.







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