Spikeless Golf Shoes Review

spiikeless golf shoes review 2016-2017

Any golfer knows that a day on the course requires an extensive amount of time on your feet. Just as it's important to have the right golf clubs, it’s important to have the right golf shoes that won’t leave you feeling sore and cramped.

Spikeless shoes have grown drastically in popularity in the last few years because they are known for being far more comfortable and lightweight than spiked shoes, and still do a great job keeping you balanced and grounded.

They also are more convenient because you do not need to be constantly replacing spikes. Below we have reviewed three different golf shoes that tackle three common problems for golfers: finding best spikeless  golf shoes that can handle heavy walking, spikeless golf shoes for flat feet, and spikeless golf  shoes for wide feet.

​TOP 3 BEST Spikeless Golf Shoes Use:

For Walking: Adidas Men's Adipower s Boost Golf Shoe

When it comes to finding a spikeless golf shoe that is good for walking long distances, you are looking for something comfortable, waterproof, and flexible.

The Adidas Men’s Adiopower s Boost Golf Shoe may be the right option for you if walking long distances are your main concern. This very popular shoe is praised for being extremely comfortable and cushioned.

This is probably because of the Soft EVA foam in the forefoot of the shoe and the boost midsole foam placed in the heel that is a part of the new “foam technology” concept that Adidas is trying out.

The shoes are also known for being extremely weatherproof and being able to stand up to long walking without getting wet or run down, and even though the spikeless shoe is extremely lightweight, it’s also considered to be a very supportive and stable shoe.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, and despite the fact that there are no spikes, it still provides a great grip. Golfers are generally satisfied with the lateral stability of the shoe as well, enabling wide movement during a golf swing. If you’re a caddy or a golfer who doesn’t like to drive on a golf cart, this could be a good shoe choice for you.

For Flat Feet: Adidas Men's Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

Looking for a spikeless shoe that will work with flat feet, it’s important to consider flexibility, fit, stability and comfort.

The Adidas Men’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe has been praised for working for flat footed golfers and being extremely comfortable and durable. The Adizero shoe is made with stability in mind.

To counter the lightweight, spikeless nature of the shoe, it is built with an “External sprint web TPU layer" that acts to provide upper stability and help with the lateral movement that occurs during your golf swing. It also has something called "Swing plane traction” on the rubber sole of the shoe that is meant to increase the golfer’s grip and stability during play.

Like the Adidas Adiopower’s, these shoes are very lightweight and comfortable, especially considering the lower price point. They also are truly weather proof and are suitable or turf, pavement, and solid ground. The shoes are considered to be well made and to stand up to the wear and tear of a golf course.

The shoes work for flat feet because of the fit and support of the shoe. Many golfers choose to go a half size up in this shoe to ensure a good fit. This would be especially important if you have flat feet. For a golfer that is concerned with the comfort and durability of a shoe, who needs stability and a shoe that will work with flat feet, the Adidas Men’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe could be a good choice.

For Wide Feet: New Balance Men's NBG574B Spikeless Golf Shoe

If you have wide feet, it can be very difficult to find a shoe that won’t cramp your foot, especially when walking long distances during a round of golf.

The New Balance Men's NBG574B Spikeless Golf Shoe is considered a good shoe for golfers with wide feet because of its unique wide fit.

In general, New Balance tends to be accommodating towards wide feet, and this shoe level of comfort and room to move makes it a good option for wide golfers.

It’s so wide that many golfers with wide feet find that they do not even need to order a size up with this shoe.

The shoe is very lightweight and is made with breathable mesh. They also come with the “endurance spikeless rubber outsole” which, like the other spikeless shoes, is meant to provide traction on the course that is consistent and durable. The “revlite midsole” is what gives the shoe its cushioning, and it is considered to be a very comfortable shoe.

Because of the intense breathability of the mesh shoe, the shoe would not hold up well in wet weather. While these shoes are not advertised as being a waterproof option, the fact that they cater so well to the golfer with wide feet make them a viable option for a spikeless option.

Frequent Common Questions

1. Are spikeless golf shoes any good in the wet?

As you have read, spikeless shoes can be a great option for golfers who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable shoe. The shoes can still provide support and traction through different features that the different brands provide, and it is even relatively easy to find spikeless shoes that will hold up in wet weather or on difficult terrain.

Most high- quality spikeless shoes are weatherproof and will keep your feet dry, and the different traction features should prevent you from slipping around. As you can see in the image below, most “spikeless” shoes actually have plastic “spikes” on the sole that add traction and would help with climate weather.

Though some loyal spike wearers will argue that these spikeless options will not prevent you from sliding around on the course, many golfers have made the switch to spikeless shoes even in wet conditions and do not have a problem. If you plan to play in wet conditions, make sure to find a weatherproof spikeless shoe with lots of traction.


Photo source: http://www.golfgearcomps.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/sole-mens-footjoy-contour-casual-spikeless.png

​2. Can you wear spikeless golf shoes anywhere?

One of the best things about spikeless shoes, when compared to spiked golf shoes is that spikeless shoes are stylish and can be worn essentially anywhere. One of the reasons the shoes have grown in popularity is definitely because of their fresh look and versatility.

As this author describes in his review of spikeless shoes, many people make the switch to spikeless shoes when they need an option that will allow them to move from the course to the banquet hall. Of course, one should avoid wearing their golf shoes for anything other than golf if they want their shoes to last as long as possible.

3. How long do spikeless golf shoes last?

Speaking of durability, with the right spikeless shoe, you can usually get through 2 to 3 seasons before having to buy a replacement. Buying multiple pairs and rotating use is a common way golfers make their shoes last longer, but just like spiked shoes, it really depends on the brand, how often you golf, and what conditions you golf in. Many people prefer the spikeless option since you do not need to be constantly repairing spikes, which can be a hassle.

4. Do Pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Spikeless shoes have grown more popular with celebrity golfers as well. Once Fred Couples wore spikeless shoes to the Masters in 2010, the shoes skyrocketed in popularity amongst celebrity golfers. Bryson Dechambeau recently wore the black Puma Ignite Spikeless shoes shown below to the 2016 Masters. In general, the majority of golfers nowadays wear some version of spikeless or hybrid golf shoe.

Photo credit: http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/major-shoe-statements-from-the-2016-masters

All in all, golfing with spikeless shoes gives the golfer added comfort, more versatility, and increased walkability. Adidas, New Balance, Ecco, and Footjoy are all very popular spikeless shoe brands right now that are dominating the market.

It’s important to find spikeless shoes that are well cushioned with good support and traction to make up for the extra lightweight nature of the shoe and keep you grounded and sturdy when taking your shot since you won't have spikes holding you into the ground.

Spikeless shoes offer a lot of lateral movement and can help your game by keeping your feet from getting sore. The above three options might be a good place to start if you are thinking of making the switch to spikeless shoes.



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