Top 30 Golf Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Are you honing your skills, and improve your swing? Do you explore new techniques and ways to improve your golf game? We’re all looking to get better, to find something new and to improve. On the other hand, you might need some new gear, or to check out the latest trends, the latest scores, and tournament analyses.

As golfers, we can learn a lot from various resources out there, and there is a vast knowledge base spread throughout the whole web. Golfing community is surprisingly strong, and there are many places where you could (and should) spend time learning, researching, or simply getting updated with the latest trends, techniques, gear, or advice.

That’s why today we’re bringing you the 30 best golf blogs you need to follow. We sorted them out without any specific order, and the only metric we had in mind was the quality and the value that these blogs provide to the golf community.

You probably know about some of them already, but we’re certain you’ll find something new and exciting on today’s list. So, without any further delay, here’s the list of 30 best golf blogs you need to follow:

Wei Under Par

Stephanie Wei is one of the pioneers in golfing blogosphere. Her blog Wei Under Par is a place where you can find the latest news on everything, from latest tournaments to the players, gear, and events regarding the industry.

Ms. Wei broadcasts golf matches, reports for Fox Sports, and provides in-depth reviews on this well-organized blog. Simplicity is the main point of the design, and usefulness and quality are eminent.

Big names like Sports Illustrated Golf+, Wall Street Journal,,, The Big Lead, Huffington Post hosted and published articles, opinions, reviews and interviews by Ms. Stephanie.

The Sand Trap

The best place on the Internet to talk about golf with your fellow golfers – here’s what you get when you arrive at the address of The Sand Trap, a community site where you can find an extensive knowledge base and a load of quality resources.

Following this blog, you’ll stay updated on the latest news in the industry, popular events, and their coverage, and a lot of commentaries. Don’t be surprised if you find unbiased opinions and discussions that will stir you away from the conventional way of understanding golf and its rules. On the other hand, you can make friends and golf buddies here.


Adam Beach is the golf enthusiast, a skilled analyst, and the primary responsible name behind MyGolfSpy, an interesting and insanely valuable blog where you’ll learn a lot.

Honesty and caring for us fellow golfers is Adam’s mission, and we all share the opinion that large enterprises and marketing shouldn’t affect the golfers; it’s the quality equipment, knowledge, and skill that will. And following this blog, you’ll get an extensive knowledge on these topics.

Your money and your time are valuable, and it should be spent on improving the contents of your bag and your skill. That’s it.

Geoff Shackelford

Geoff Shackelford is a well-known expert, recognized in many publications. Among many others, this golf expert contributes to Golf World magazine, Golf Digest, and Golf Channel's Morning Drive.

On top of that, Mr. Geoff is the author of eleven books. He co-designed Rustic Canyon Golf Course in Moorpark, California. So if you’re on the look for a review or opinion of the certain situation from an expert’s point of view, his blog is the right place to go.

From the smallest details to the PGA tour reporting, here’s where you’ll spend your days consuming excellent content.

The Armchair Golf Blog

The Armchair Golf Blog will be your perfect companion in various occasions, no matter your interests or the topic. This blog has something interesting and unique to offer to everybody, from complete beginners to experienced golfers.

Neil Sagebiel, the author, and owner of the blog shares some great info and interesting articles for the last ten years and more. Interviews with successful golfers and legends like Jack Fleck and Ben Hogan created an opportunity to create popular golf bestsellers, “The Longest Shot” and “Draw in The Dunes” which are available on Amazon. Reviews and news from Mr. Neil are simply fantastic; make sure to subscribe to this blog.

How to Break 80

If you’re all about competitiveness, winning, and improving yourself as a player, this is a place you need to visit. How To Break 80 explains that more than half golf players in the entire world won’t break 100, and less than 5% will break 80.

If your goal is to reach that state, Jack Moorehouse, the author of the blog has a thing or two to share with you. Detailed guides to improving many aspects of the game are what you need, and this blog offers just that.

A ton of value, experience, and knowledge awaits you on this site.

The Hackers Paradise

This blog is maintained by a golf media company covering everything for golfers, focusing on a golfer lifestyle. The site offers a popular golf podcast, a forum where you can find a ton of user opinions and comments, questions and answers.

Besides that, you have a plethora of quality reviews, opinion-based articles, media coverage & event coverage, as well as guides. The THP Tour Van is an interesting concept, where the team from THP covers all the important events in the country, alongside reviewing gear, shops, and more. The Hacker’s Paradise wants to bridge the gap between large enterprises and consumers, and it looks like they are doing an excellent job there

Aussie Golfer

Since 2007, Michael Green is running the Aussie Golfer, an informative resource for news, guides, reviews, tips lists, and much more golf-related stuff. This beautiful blog talks about amazing places to play golf in Australia, compares quality equipment, drives into the mainstream tournaments, and provides the latest news from the world of golf.

If you’re from Australia and love golf, you’re probably familiar with this one. If not, there are some fantastic courses there, and if you have the chance, make sure to try them out.

The fun page on this blog will provide some out-of-the-ordinary categories for blogging that will entertain you. Aussie Golfer looks great, and you won’t make a mistake if you subscribe.

The Dan Plan

Here’s something that you don’t see often; a regular guy trying his best to become a professional golfer. Have you heard the 10,000-hour claim?

When you try something, and you spend 10,000 hours working on it to make it perfect, you become a master of that skill. Well, Dan McLaughlin is putting this theory to the test.

On his road to becoming a professional athlete, Dan is documenting everything and sharing with us on his blog, The Dan Plan. Every hour is recorded in his personal journey page, to the smallest hour period. As a golfer, you can learn a ton from his trip.

Breaking Eighty

Breaking Eighty is a blog for an average golfer, written by a golf enthusiast Sean. He’s focused on providing a quality product reviews and delivers one each Wednesday.

Next, there are course guides, occasional ranking posts, photo posts, and course videos. Sean has quit his corporative job and built some online businesses, and now he’s focused on playing golf, and he’s got an exciting mission going on – to play all of the Top 100 and Top 100 Public Courses by the age of 35.

He’s documenting his progress and course impressions on a special page. By following this page alone, you’ll get a ton of value.

Golf State of Mind

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, Golf State Of Mind is a place worth checking out. The author behind this blog is David MacKenzie, a Performance Coach with a lot of experience and intensive knowledge about sports psychology and the way professional athletes perform.

The incredible value of this blog lies in the wide array of categories where Mr. David shares the experience and knowledge. For example, you can check how Jordan Spieth Won The Masters With His Mental Game, or how you can improve in the scoring zone with five simple tips. Mr. David can coach you privately, and help you improve your game significantly.

Top 100 Golf

We golfers love many different things, but top 100 courses in the world list are something that no golfer around the world would stay indifferent to. This simple website is a documented archive of an anonymous golfer who plays on these courses and reviews them.

Following Top 100 Golf blog, you’ll have the experience like you’ve been on these courses. The detailed description, photos, and overall stats will be very valuable. The guy behind this blog is really proficient, and he or she plays like a champ.

This site is a delight in the big web of places that try to differentiate themselves. Worth the visit and your subscription.

Golf for Beginners

Stacy Solomon is the woman behind this resource backed with dozens of categories and interesting stuff in the world of golf. It started as Stacy’s personal golf diary, where she documented her golf lessons and experiences, alongside tips, insights, and other interesting stuff.

The combined resource pool of that information attracted a significant readership, and the blog got really popular, providing various possibilities to the author. She wrote hundreds of quality articles all around the web and built a name for herself. As a beginner, you won’t as much quality info as you could on this website. Highly recommend!

The Golf Chick Golf Blog

The golf chick behind this witty-named golf blog is Ms. Kirsten Williams. She’s one of the pioneers in the golf blogosphere and one of the significant quality resource.

Ms. Williams can reach 70-ish score, so you can be assured you’re reading articles from a skilled player. The Golf Chick Golf Blog isn’t a girly golf blog; it is a quality resource for anyone interested in golf, no matter the gender or age.

If you’re interested in getting the latest info, gear reviews, interviews with professionals and media personalities, you’re definitely at the right place. The blog also features guest posts from several contributors.

Mike Pedersen Golf Blog

We’re all looking to improve our golf game, and Mike Pedersen’s websites are focused on this topic. Mike has a lot of experience in fitness (over 25 years of work), and he plays golf with great passion.

Small changes in posture, grip, backswing, and overall tactics can make us progress much better, and provide tremendous results, and that’s where Mike’s blog and training service comes in as a great possibility to all golfers.

I mean, who can teach you to be a better golfer than a golf swing, biomechanic trainer, right? Mike’s blog brings a ton of value, and you shouldn’t miss it no matter how good you are.

Golf Tip Reviews

One of the best sites for a recreational golfer out there, Golf Tip Reviews, features an extensive array of tips and lessons that will certainly help both pros and beginners alike.

The blog is run by a recreational golfer who uses his experience and quite a bit of research to find the common problems on the course and how to fix them.

Led by his desire to improve his game and to genuinely have fun playing golf, he created the site for like-minded individuals that are in search for what golf really stands for – improving yourself instead of overstressing about records and handicaps.

GolfDash Blog

John Diekmann and Doug Farrick are two creative guys with an extensive background in internet technologies that found their passion in golf.

Their site offers reviews and golf lessons (coming soon) as well as a bi-weekly newsletter with all the latest technologies in golf. With years of experience, John and Doug can easily provide new and interesting facts about golf even to a seasoned pro golfer.

Their style is catchy and passionate but at the same time, informative and easily understandable along with photos and videos that accurately demonstrate the subject in a particular article.


The golfers that have realized that there are no actual winners in golf but only an everlasting goal of being better than your last game have decided to pass on their experience and create this excellent blog.

Everything about golf, golfers and much more can be found neatly classified and expertly written. Into the Grain also offers exclusive interviews and up-to-date coverage of important golf events. Definitely the best place to read about your favorite past time, the fantastic game of golf.


Imagine a humorous golf blog with unique content that covers every aspect of this beloved sport, and you’ll probably get Sir Shanks-a-lot. Along with excellent club reviews and lessons about improving your own game, this blog also has some masterfully done posts about unusual facts of the game.

Because the writing is engaging and witty, this blog could be liked even by those that do not appreciate a good game of golf (if such people even exist). Without a doubt, we’ll be hearing a lot about this blog in the future because it sets a distinctive modern style which differentiates it from everything else online.

Golf Girl’s Diary

As it is the truth with most of this world’s things, women simply do it better and with more passion and attention to detail. One of the first woman-edited golf blogs online, this blog, has made its way up to the top of the golf blogs.

Fashionably, witty and devotedly created, the Golf Girl depicts the game of golf from a different angle yet never letting go of the things that make this sport so popular.

Today, Patricia Hannigan, the founder of the site, has managed to create a place for both women and men golfers with interesting topics that appeal to anyone that likes golf.


GolfBlogger is the news aggregator and a quality resource website where you’ll find a lot of interesting stuff in all golf-related topics. From the latest news in the in the industry, breakthroughs in gear development, and insights from tournaments, to the betting and pro players section, you have it all.

The community behind this website grows larger as we speak, and the resourcefulness is the main reason for that. Modern design, quirky and exciting articles, stunning images and professional articles bring this blog to the top of the line when we talk about internet presentations about golf. Make sure to check it out!

Hooked On Golf

Started in 2004, Hooked On Golf is the golf blogosphere pioneer. From the early days of blogging just being developed, this was probably the only place where you could read about golf and get informed about many aspects of the game from a non-commercial source.

Mr. Tony Korologos, a passionate rocker & golfer, maintains the site – you can see the influence of R’n’R in the site logo - very creative.

Since its beginnings, this blog shares quality information on every aspect of the game we love the best and continues after 12 full years.

Travelling Golfer

Here’s another pioneer in the golf blogosphere. Mr. Mike Sigers runs the Travelling Golfer blog since 2005, providing only quality information, reviews of courses and gear, as well as quality guides and tips for golfers in every stage of the game, and every skill level.

Even though it is 11 years old, the blog looks fresh and modern. There is a lot of videos and sound clips for you to consume on the site, alongside excellent imagery and in-depth articles on any golf topic you might think off. Mr. Sigers has a big following, and there are reasons behind that – unbiased reviews, quality guides, and fresh content.

Now On The Tee

Another golf blog pioneer, Now on the Tee documents the life events and “inconsequential musings of a sport-obsessed golf fanatic from the great white north,” Matt.

He plays golf on many courses around Canada and the US and shares his experiences from there. The courses are also ranked on his Rankings page, where you will find one of the most comprehensive lists of courses combined with several reputable resources such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golfweek, ScoreGolf and Canadian Golf Magazine. Mr. Matt has a quality blog, worth checking out.


Travel Golf Blog is a subsidiary community-based website where many authors create a resource of insights, latest news, and opinions on them, alongside guides, tips, and reviews.

The Travel Golf community exists since 1995, making it one of the eldest and online presentation with the longest experience on the entire web. Not strictly golf-oriented, you can find and follow authors that cover sports events, food and drinks, golf organizations and clubs, and many topics that might interest you.

You will find the highest quality course reviews and course-related news on this website.

Gorilla Golf Blog

Mr. Tommy Priest from Switzerland created the Gorilla Golf Blog to in 2010 with a mission to create a community of golfers to communicate and exchange experiences playing courses, using the equipment, and scoring shots all around the world.

You can find a plethora of quality articles covering many aspects of the game, classes, gear, apps, pro players and their opinions, opinion-based pieces, and traveling around the world to golf.

You can check out pro guidance from professionals, events in Switzerland page, and even become a partner to Gorilla Golf.

The Golf Blog

“The No. 1 blog for all things golf” is one of the pioneers as well. It started in 2004, and it brings the fresh news in the industry, pro players, courses, and tournaments with the same passion from the beginning.

You’ll find the insights, reviews, and coverage for almost every tournament. The latest news from the industry and tournaments, alongside everything related to golf, are worthy enough to make you subscribe to this golf blog. Quick and informational posts are perfect for a daily digest of our favorite passion.


GolfGal blogs about her passion (which is turning to business) since 2007 and her passion are our passion as well. Her website is sleek, nice-looking, and covers several categories, all placed in a useful menu on the top.

Among the course reviews, blog posts and sites Golf Gal recommends, you can find an awesome Golf Marketing page, where she explains the possibilities golf properties have at their disposal with digital marketing.

Spreading the word about golf and great places to play it is very beneficial to the community of golfers, so it’s worth checking out.


“A Golf Blog for the Rest of Us: We exist for the average hack. Funny, snarky and sometimes dead serious, together we can take the frustration out of golf!”

We simply couldn’t resist this quirky and funny description. It describes GolfStinks so good; this is the website that takes a different approach to blogging about golf and everything around it.

We’re not all perfect; we don’t have perfect swings and techniques; we’re all human beings, and we make mistakes. This blog covers golf from the perspective of an average Joe, who can’t hit the drive with precision and power to reach the hole in one or two swings. We love that, and we recommend this blog to everyone.

Golf Vacation Insider

The joy of golf lies in traveling and exploring; there are thousands of courses around the world, which can take your breath away. Golf Vacation Insider focuses on this topic, bringing us the latest news around world travel and enjoying golf on the amazing courses on many corners of this world.

You can find exquisite places reviewed here, followed by gear, tips, and news around the world. Two passionate golfers and travelers are responsible for G.V.I. website - Craig Better and Tim Gavrich. Guys are sharing quality info and guide us to some exquisite, first-class courses, and you can’t ask more than that.

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