What Type of Golf Ball Is Durable and Less Expensive?


Whether you are a beginner, a high handicapper or a pro; the fact remains that most golfers prefer a golf ball that is durable and less expensive. Before you decide on buying a golf ball, your main focus should be on durability and cost. Apart from that, it is very true that every golf player has a unique taste for golf balls and whatever suits one player may not work for another.

The golf balls range from one piece to four pieces only varying in price but a relatively similar in performance. Additionally, the level of your skill and professionalism will determine whether you are going to pick a four piece or a one piece and so on. In this article am going to take you through what you need to consider before you get a golf ball and the types of balls available in the market.

Durable and Less Expensive Golf Balls in the Market

It is common practice for one to want to buy expensive golf balls with a hope of improved performance as a beginner into golfing. The truth is that less expensive balls give similar performance to the costly ones apart from a few exceptions. Below are some of the less expensive yet durable and high-performance golf balls you can get in the market.

#1. Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls ( with most distance)

Golf ball with most distance

This golf ball has an exceptional design comprising of a tungsten core in addition to a Surlyn cover that guarantees durability. Moreover, it is a 90-compression ball and has a 423-dimple feature that delivers added distance let alone proper trajectory and excellent control. Therefore, if you are in search of a golf ball with most distance (Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls (Pack of 12) is a good choice), accuracy, and durability at a cheaper price then this is a good option.

#2. Wilson Titanium Golf Balls (maximum energy transfer)

Golf ball with maximum energy transfer

The Wilson titanium golf balls feature a two-piece construction design with a titanium core that is meant to maximize energy transition

To add on that, the ball is fortified with Surlyn cover that ensures durability. Other than saving your money, this set of golf balls will be ideal for you as a beginner

#3. Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls ( worth money)

Golf balls worth money

in the pictureIntech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack)

Despite having value for your money when you buy this golf balls, you will be getting yourself something durable. This set features advanced aerodynamics and a large fluid metal core for excellent performance when it comes to distance and trajectory. The golf balls are ideal for tournaments.

#4. Wilson Zip Golf Ball 24-Ball Pack ( with zero compression )

Golf balls with zero compression
in the picture
Wilson Zip Golf Ball 24-Ball Pack 

In case you are looking for a set of golf balls that will not make you cringe every time you lose one then the Wilson ZIP golf balls are the thing for you. The set comes with a super 302 Ph.D. aerodynamics dimple pattern in addition to a patented zero compression core. For durability, the golf balls are covered with a monomer that also provide a responsive and soft feel.

What to Consider When Selecting a Golf Ball?

​1. Cost

Cost mainly applies to beginners who are not acquitted to making steady and consistent shots though even experienced players also. Losing the golf ball every now and then can be really frustrating in addition to costing more. Therefore if you are a victim of losing the golf ball often then consider getting balls that are low-priced to save besides having value for your money.

2. Spin

Spin is very important to the golf ball. The golf ball can either be low-spin (suitable for beginners), mid-spin or high spin (suitable for pros) depending on quality/price of the ball. However, the softer the ball is, the easier to impart a sidespin or backspin on it. It is good for you as a beginner to be conversant with spin but majorly applies to pro golfers.

select golf balf

3. Durability

Personally, I regard durability above all things when it comes to golf balls. Going for a ball that is harder will prolong its life and lessen the damage it incurs. Softer balls are likely to split easily on impact with other objects such as trees when it veers off the golf course.

4. Distance

Distance is another important aspect to consider when selecting the best golf ball. According to some research on distance and price of golf balls, it has been proven that there is a minimal difference on distance made by low-priced and high-priced golf balls. Thus you are able to get the best distance from any ball regardless of price.

Types of Golf Balls

One-Piece golf balls

A one-piece golf ball is the basic and least expensive of all the golf balls. In most cases, it is recommended for beginner golfers due to its design and is rarely used as a playing ball since it does not deliver desired distance when hit due to lower compression. Made from solid Surlyn with dimples not forgetting a single solid core, the one-piece is soft, cheap and very durable.

Two-Piece golf balls

This golf ball is uniquely designed with a solid core, a high-energy acrylate and reinforced by a cut-proof, tough cover which gives the ball a firmer feel. The hardcover also guarantees more distance compared to all other balls. Despite being virtually indestructible hence durable, the ball is affordable and popular among ordinary players.

golf ball

Three-Piece golf balls

Other than incorporating a durable Surlyn cover, the Three-piece golf balls feature a liquid or solid core and a layer of enhanced rubber. It also gives the player more control over ball flight by being softer and producing more spin. The more the number of layers a ball has the more customized it will be in terms of performance and this golf is the best.

Four-Piece golf balls

All the layers in the four piece golf balls serve a particular purpose and all work together to offer the softest golf ball. The inner core offers explosive distance as the inner cover generates more transfer energy. The mid cover increases driver energy while the outer cover is tough for durability.


It is now crystal clear that you can get a high performance and durable ball at a less expensive cost. Not all the expensive golf balls that you see your favorite golf players using on television will suit your needs and it all narrows down to your level of experience. Therefore, with this article, I hope you will be able to make wise decisions on the best golf balls for you. If you have any additional points or comments, please feel free to share with us.

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