What is Lag Putting?

What is Lag Putting

Just like any other sport, when it comes to playing golf, there are certain things you have to keep in mind in order for you to get the best gameplay possible. Putting is one of the fundamentals of golf, and if you really wish to excel in this particular sport, you have to get all of the tips, tricks, and techniques associated with putting done the right way.

In the world of golf, Putting is a stroke technique which makes use of a club, called a putter, either on or off the green. Options for golf clubs which can be used by a golfer can either be fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and the driver. A good golfer ought to know how to putt.

What is Lag Putting, then?

The word lag from the phrase “Lag Putting” comes from the fact that by lag putting, the goal is not necessarily to immediately let the golf ball make its way into the hole. More often than not, the golfer, in doing a “lag putt” allows just wants to make sure that he can do a second putt which can be managed more easily.

lag putting


Getting to do the perfect Lag Putt

In order to achieve a perfect lag putt, he only needs to do the putting twice. For an ideal lag putt to happen, proper positioning and distance are key. The matter on which is more important between speed or break is a topic which is highly debated among golfers.

While some say that the former is of more importance than the latter, getting the speed correctly will increase the probability of the ball finding the hole, and all of it really boils down to constant practice, and trial and error.

In order for you to achieve the best Lag Putt you possibly can, there are certain drills and practices you can do in order for you to master Lag Putting, which is the following:

1. String It Out Lag Putting Drill

This exercise is from renowned golf instructor Neil Wilkins. In summary, it requires you to cut several 3-foot long strings, lay the strings out three feet apart on a putting green, fronting the putting line of your choice.

Begin Putting at about 10 feet from behind the string, putt a ball, and make it a point to make the balls end where the strings end, and once you finish the final string, work your way in reverse, starting from where you ended and ending where you started. This particular technique allows for better estimation of distance, and proper control.

2. 5-Ball Mix-Up Drill

5-ball mix-up drill


This particular Drill allows you to enhance distance control, which is essential to lag putting. The 5-Ball Mix-Up Drill involves dropping balls either 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 feet away from the hole, and from these distances, putt the ball.

To prevent your mind from getting used to steady and predictable patterns, this drill requires you to vary the distances randomly among the measurements indicated. To prevent predictability, this is best done together with a friend, having them set the distance per putt for you.

3. 2-Putt Distance Drill

2-Putt Distance Drill


This method is the most straight to the point of all and is the best one for those who have already tried and mastered the techniques mentioned above. A good lag will always have 2-putts, and never three. For you to do so, begin 30 feet from the hole, set up 5 balls at a time. Start over should you experience have 3-putt, and try your very best to make 50 straight 2-putts. Should you find it difficult at first, you can try shorter distances as well.

4. Closed Eyes Drill

closed eyes drill


This particular Drill requires you to place three balls each, at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 feet away from the target.

Put the first ball normally, but for the succeeding ones, make sure to close your eyes before doing the stroke.

In doing so, you can have a better feel of the greens, and thus giving you better control of your speed.

5. Fringe Benefits Drill

Fringe Benefits Drill


For this drill, you would need to use 5 balls and drop them 10 feet from the green's edge. Afterward, putt all the way to the fringe, and try to roll one foot onto the fringe. Try your best to not allow any of the balls to go beyond the fringe. Afterward, try larger distances.


All sports require training and constant hours upon hours of practice. The following techniques above are ways in order for you to master not just you lag putting skills, but your putting skills in general.

Getting a feel and making use of quality equipment is also important. Moreover, there are other drills you can use to practice your golf skills, and can be viewed through the links below.

Did you have fun in reading the article? We would love to know that you learned something helpful from the experts. Most probably you did! Who knew that you can improve your golf skills in just a few minutes of reading this article?

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If you want to know more about the actual demonstration of properly putting something, check this video:







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